Our company, Etna Gıda Makina Kimya Ambalaj Mlz.Inşaat San. ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti, which is a pioneer in organic agriculture established  in 1998 and has been continuing its activities for over 15 years, growing rapidly in this sector.

ETNA GIDA took the decision to establish its own businesses in 2008 with the aim to offer better quality and more reliable products and to meet the increasing trade volume. According to this decision; ETNA GIDA established its own modern processing plant with 3900 m2 facilities on 10,000 m2  area in Izmir – Kemalpasa where the  processing and packaging of  the products that are collected from over 400 farmers in more than 10,000 hectares of cultivation area  are done.

ETNA GIDA  is exporting from the ports nearest to the growing areas of the different products in order to provide the fastest and highest quality service to the customers. Pulses are processed in Mersin and  shipped  from Mersin port and frozen fruits and vegetables are shipped  directly from Gemlik Port. All other exports and shipments  are done from Izmir port.

Due to demands in the recent years from both domestic and international markets ETNA GIDA focused to the end user and entered the end users customers kitchen with organic products under  the brand "Nature's Pride" and with natural products under “Etna” brand.

In order to provide the highest quality and most reliable products from the field to the tables

ETNA GIDA, decided to expand the control chain by controlling and monitoring the seeds of the products offered ,the soil where the grow, the water used and the farmers who grow them  with international  Inspection and Certification Bodies .

ETNA GIDA's goal is to improve the existing facilities and establish long-term relations with customers on the base of honesty and mutual trust.


Etna Gida San. and Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti. Memberships:

• Izmir Chamber of Commerce

• Aegean Exporters Union

• Izmir Mercantile Exchange

• Mersin Commodity Exchange

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